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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Janey Springs Cosplay Reference Guide

    "Janey Springs is a good-natured junk dealer. She's always got a kind word for everyone (especially Athena). A little while back, a buncha kraggons killed her girlfriend and nearly mauled Janey to death, but it's done nothing to sour her sunny disposition!"

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Scav Cosplay Reference Guide

    "Is that a Bandit?' Then he slams you. He's not a bandit. He's a MOON BANDIT! Scavs are a dangerous bunch of moon hooligans, more sane than their Pandora brothers, but not by much. They are masters of low gravity combat, jumping, jetting, and slamming enemies all willy nilly."

  • Borderlands 2 Angel Cosplay Reference Guide

    "Jack's daughter. He protects her. Maybe he's a bit overprotective, but that's a father's right, isn't it? And maybe he manipulates her abilities to his benefit, but that's also a father's right, right? And maybe he's performed experiments on her...

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