Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Wilhelm Cosplay Reference Guide

By Marion Dreo on May 22, 2014

“Wilhelm. Galaxy famous mercenary. Undefeated warrior. After an injury forced him to get a replacement mechanical eye, he becomes obsessed with the idea of upgrading through technology. When Jack offers him access to the greatest augmentation technology Hyperion has to offer, he joins without hesitation, oblivious to the loss of humanity he has doomed himself to.”
– Matt Armstrong, Borderlands Franchise Director

Download Wilhelm’s Cosplay Reference Guide (ZIP/PDF)
Download Wilhelm’s Cosplay Reference Guide and High Res Images (ZIP)

High Res Images

Wilhelm Upper Body Right
Wilhelm Upper Body Left
Wilhelm Upper Body Front
Wilhelm Upper Body Back
Wilhelm Lower Body Front
Wilhelm Lower Body Back
Wilhelm Companion Drone Size
Wilhelm Saint Companion Drone
Wilhelm Wolf Companion Drone
Wilhelm Mechanical Eye

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