Borderlands 2 Angel Cosplay Reference Guide

By Marion Dreo on Sep 5, 2014

"Jack's daughter. He protects her. Maybe he's a bit overprotective, but that's a father's right, isn't it? And maybe he manipulates her abilities to his benefit, but that's also a father's right, right? And maybe he's performed experiments on her...

Okay, so Jack's not the best father. Angel turned out pretty good though. Sweet, supportive, and self-sacrificing, she lives up to her name."

- Matt Armstrong, Borderlands Franchise Director

Download Angel’s Cosplay Reference Guide (ZIP/PDF)
Download Angel’s Cosplay Reference Guide and High Res Images (ZIP)

High Res Images

Angel Upper Body Right
Angel Upper Body Left
Angel Upper Body Front
Angel Upper Body Back
Angel Lower Body Front
Angel Lower Body Back
Angel Character Turnaround


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